Building control and automation...

…is a rapidly growing field, not only in commercial and industrial buildings but also in homes and residential developments. With applications ranging from managing the energy usage in a building to reduce carbon footprints, to offering a householder the ability to run their home from a smartphone or tablet, KNX is emerging as the dominant control protocol adopted by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.

The KNX protocol was designed to encompass control of all major electrotechnical functions in the operation of buildings.

  • Lighting, enabling features ranging from load and energy management to mood lighting and scenes control.
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation, allowing fully zoned environmental control with resulting energy managment options.
  • Windows, Shutters, Blinds and Curtains, facilitating passive heating and ventilation, automatic solar gain management and security benefits.
  • Other electromechanical functions, such as motors for anything from an irrigation valve to a gate operator.

It is also able to fully integrate with other Building Management systems and can be used as the major field bus component of such a system.

KNX Consultants Ltd is an independent and highly focused consultancy offering KNX design service with the key objective of working alongside the KNX community to help it grow and ultimately to deliver the highest quality building control solutions based on KNX.

Founded by a pioneer of KNX in the UK and widely acknowledged KNX expert, KNX Consultants is the ideal partner for KNX capability development. KNX Consultants’ activities facilitate for its clients the necessary services to cover every stage required to deliver complete KNX solutions: from concept to commissioning and for those wishing to enter the business of KNX, KNX Consultants offers training and early stage support for its professional clients, such as systems integrators and electrical installation businesses.

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What is KNX?

KNX is the world’s only open standard for home and building control and complies with:

  • EN 50090
  • EN 13321-1
  • ISO/IEC 1454

It is used worldwide with installations in over 80 countries and products covering a huge range of applications available from over 500 electrotechnical manufacturers. The support of the KNX Association, (the standard’s independent regulatory body headquartered in Brussels) ensures the integrity of KNX as a truly open protocol.