KNX for Superyachts

KNX Consultants has opened up a new world to KNX intelligent building technology with entry into the market of super yachts. On the new Pegaso 73.6 metre super motor yacht, KNX bus technology has clearly demonstrated its versatility, flexibility and total suitability for controlling many of the key lifestyle functions that the yacht managers wanted to provide.

Pegaso Marine, managers and administrators of the Pegaso fleet, engaged specialist systems suppliers, AVIT Marine to provide all the high end technology for the Pegaso. In addition to information technology, navigation tools and the on-board AV Systems, AVIT Marine was asked to provide a system that provided an optimum solution for controlling many of the key lifestyle functions for passengers aboard the yacht. For this aspect, they called upon the expertise of KNX Consultants.

Alex Flemming of Pegaso Marine has been delighted with the KNX solution. “The technology is absolutely vital when considering the lifestyle choices of superyacht users. What we liked about KNX above all was the flexibility that it gives to add any further lifestyle choices in the future. If we want to automate additional functions on board then we can do so very easily. “

KNX Consultants used its long standing expertise in KNX intelligent building technology to provide an effective means of controlling automatically a number of functions on Pegaso including blinds and curtains that provide black out at night or sun shading during the day. The yacht’s air conditioning and heating system is linked on the same bus network and KNX activates the dampers on the heating and ventilation ducts to control the flow of air and regulate the temperature within the living accommodation and guest cabins.

For security, motorised locks on the yacht’s main external doors are also operated via KNX and on the bridge a KNX visualisation panel has been integrated alongside all the vessel’s other electronic control systems. KNX motion sensors have been installed in the living accommodation and in the event of unauthorised or unexpected movement, a text or email alert can be sent to the bridge or ashore to a mobile phone. The yacht can be locked down at the touch of a button.

Pegaso’s management team and crew have control over all these functions and can make any adjustments to the operation of the yacht’s services through iPad controls. The ship’s engineer also has access to base level control via iPhone of individual devices within the KNX system to allow diagnostic testing of function and ongoing maintenance of the features supported by the KNX infrastructure.

KNX has proven the ideal solution to provide simple and effective control over these functions whist also allowing integration with the high end audio-visual, IT and communications systems designed for the yacht by AVIT Marine. KNX Consultants were very much involved on a practical level throughout the fit-out stages of the build of Pegaso. The commissioning of the KNX system was interwoven with the progressive completion of various sections of the vessel.

The challenge of installing KNX on a super yacht rather than a conventional building was very different. It demanded close cooperation with all the other trades involved with the building of the vessel.  However, in common with experiences on land, the use of the KNX made the programming of all the individual devices simple. The open nature and flexibility of KNX means that future enhancements to the system can also be easily made.

What our clients said…

Jem Ashibende of AVIT Marine was impressed by the service provided by KNX Consultants and the KNX solution for Pegaso: “KNX Consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of KNX. They provided training and were also able to show us how KNX can be successfully integrated with the Crestron and AMX control systems for multi-media. We would certainly use KNX technology again for this type of application.”

“This was our first experience with KNX,” says Alex Flemming of Pegaso Marine, “but we were delighted with the way KNX Consultants took our requests and came back with timely solutions as the project developed.”