This page contains a selection of documents and brochures that might be of use to those wishing to discover more about KNX. If there are any documents not included here that you might find useful, please contact us to let us know.

Security, Efficiency and Comfort with KNX

This brochure gives a brief overview of the headline benefits of KNX.

Consultants’ Guide to KNX

This guide has been produced by KNX UK and is aimed at M&E Consultants and specifiers who would like to know a little more about the KNX Standard. It gives a technical overview and explores the breadth of possibilities of using KNX in sustainable low energy buildings.

Energy Efficiency

This report from the KNX Association in Brussels highlights the energy efficiency benefits of using KNX and includes a number of case studies that demonstrate the considerable savings that can be made when using KNX to manage energy useage.