KNX Consultants also operates as a design consultancy offering complete KNX project designs on behalf of both professional and private clients. This service can be particularly useful to professional clients who specialise in other fields such as Custom AV Installation or Interior Architecture, but see the demand to include KNX capability within their portfolio. We operate throughout the UK and for selected clients, in continental Europe. We have dealt with projects running in locations as diverse as Sussex, Scotland and Spain.

The approach is to work with our client to specify the required KNX system, to produce all the necessary installation documentation for the client-appointed electrical contractor/installer, and to commission the subsequently installed systems with site visits as required.

KNX Consultants restricts its activity to design and support as outlined above and does not undertake installation activity, whilst ensuring that the client-appointed electrician is fully briefed and able to call on support as and when required. We also do not supply materials but as part of the service, we would produce full parts lists of the specialist KNX materials for each stage of build from which the project materials planning and procurement can be managed.

In order to implement a KNX system, our involvement is normally based on the following activities:

1. Clarify the requirements of the system

2. Design the system and generate a set of supporting installation documents (Installation specification)

3. Generate a list of materials for procurement purposes

4. Create and review a detailed Sensors Function List (Functional specification)

5. Site support, including site surveys during the course of installation

6. Generate KNX operational system software structure

7. System commissioning

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Whilst KNX Consultants focuses on the delivery of its services and system designs, we will of course assist in the management of the procurement of the specialist materials required to complete an installation.

KNX Consultants has in the past worked closely with manufacturers and wholesalers of KNX materials and will help effect introductions for our clients as required.