It is widely acknowledged that training is a key to success in any field of endeavour. The application of KNX is no exception. A significant benefit of having had training in KNX is the ability to deliver reliable and robust solutions with confidence.

In partnership with registered training centres, KNX Consultants’ principal is qualified to tutor and examine candidates in the KNX Basic Certification course which ultimately leads to recognition by the KNX Association in Brussels with accreditation as KNX Partner and registration on the website. Beyond the Basic Certification course, we also offer the KNX Advanced Certification course that takes a much deeper look at how KNX works.

In order to deliver these courses, KNX Consultants has teamed up with CEDIA, the international trade association for the home technology industry with over 3,700 member companies worldwide.

In addition, KNX Consultants can offer personalised introductory training at client premises. With portable training rigs, it is possible to give a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of the KNX system. It’s a great way to get a quick introduction to KNX for anyone, from Systems Integrators, Architects or Electrical Contractors to End Users, even those not yet using KNX but considering its potential for their business.

To find out more, or to register for training either contact us directly or click on the link below where you can book your training directly.

CEDIA Training